Part-time Lover, Part-time Spotter: How Exercise Can Benefit Your Relationships.

We have a general understanding that finding a good balance is important in a healthy relationship and part of that is continuing to be a well-rounded individual with your own personal interests outside of your partner. But it also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that couples with shared interests have a better potential of lasting together over those who have more differences, and couples who share fitness goals may form a  more solid bond than those who don’t.

There’s a lot about one’s approach to fitness that echoes his/her perspective and approach to life. The same commitment you need to religiously do cardio exercises may be akin to the commitment you need to do excellent work in the office space 100% of the time. The discipline required to eat well and make smart choices (even the dedication to meal prepping and planning) reflects how you discipline yourself to stick to deadlines, standards, and other work-related aspects of your life. It absolutely makes sense that the way you approach and conduct yourself on your fitness journey can help improve or sway your professional performance. The same can be said for your personal relationships.

Relationships are hard work. Fitness is hard work. But both are well worth it. They both require time and maximum effort (not to mention consistency) but yield results that go beyond numbers on a chart.

Romantic Inspiration, Fitness Motivation

Many people who have worked successfully with a personal trainer see the value in having someone to motivate them and keep them on track. The same is true when working out with your partner. It’s easier to get up in the morning and clock in some cardio when you don’t have to do it alone. Strength training with a partner is also safer in that you have someone to spot you and assist you with heavier weights or higher reps (given that your partner is familiar with good and proper exercise form and execution) or just talk you through to another few reps when you feel like giving up.

couple ball pass.jpg
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Shared experiences like exercising together help make the bond between couples stronger and healthier. When you are encouraging each other to stay focused on the goal, it’s easier to feel motivated and inspired. There are countless ways you can help inspire your partner to stay on track towards his or her fitness goal. Having your partner also be your workout partner makes it harder to bail out on workout sessions. You are able to keep each other accountable, especially on days when motivation is at an all-time low.

Rekindling the Flame

couple water.jpg
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Exercising together (or at least going to the gym together even if you’re doing separate workouts) can help things get better in the bedroom by way of shared accomplishments. When you witness each other continue to improve and persevere, and eventually hit one goal after another, this can help bring out the heat and increase the levels between you both under the sheets and over it. For couples who have been together awhile, sharing a regular fitness routine together can help reignite the flames of passion and maybe even bring your relationship to another level of intimacy.

Tandem Ride to Self-Discovery

Exercising together may actually help you discover more about yourself and your partner. You may discover how you respond to pressure, to fatigue, to the rush of a good pump in the iron jungle. You may discover your ability to be a more supportive partner, to be a motivational and inspirational workout partner that you never thought you could be. What’s also important is sharing the experience of weakness together. When you encounter an exercise that is proving difficult the higher you go in reps or weight, that could be a humbling experience to have with your partner (more so for men who usually choose to refrain from showing their female partners their weaker side). But getting through it and getting stronger together is an excellent relationship breakthrough to share.

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Meal prepping/planning is also another stage of the fitness journey that can benefit couples. When you are making decisions in the kitchen together, you are more likely to keep each other accountable and motivated to eat healthy. Couples where one partner is a healthy eater while the other isn’t particularly discerning, tend to have difficulty in family menu planning. But when couples share the same perspectives and goals in nutrition, it’s easier to make smart choices and stick to them.

There are countless benefits to exercising together than there are disadvantages. If you worry about spending “too much time together,” then maybe marriage or a lifetime together isn’t quite the goal you have in mind for your relationship. But if you see yourself growing old with your partner and still thinking that’s not enough time together, then give the fitness journey a try with your honey. Start today and start reaping the benefits in time. At best, you can become the fitness fiends you never thought was possible, or at least you can have some active fun together.

Family Style Fitness

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Exercising together as a family is also a great way to strengthen family bonds. This is especially beneficial for families with busy schedules. You can do something as simple as a brisk walk or a weekend run together that ends in a healthy post-workout picnic. Teaching children to live a healthy and active lifestyle is important and made easier when you’re leading by example. For families with older children, like teenagers or young adults, you can do a little strength training or circuit session together. Teaching them about perseverance, diligence, sportsmanship, and the concept of “mind over matter” is easier to impart through practical examples like fitness. Teaching them the value of discipline and commitment in the daily, little things with the goal of reaching something big and worthwhile in the long run is easier when you relate it to fitness since fitness takes time and effort. Get the family involved and strengthen your familial bonds by getting healthy and staying active together!






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