Wise Words from a Pole-Dancing Mama.

This weekend’s Spotlight shines on a woman who embodies the kind of determination and will that speaks to the essence of ToughGirl. She is Kris Isaac-Flojo, a multi-talented, outgoing and witty young woman in her early 30s, wife to Niki Flojo, mother to Elon. This pole-dancing momma has some wisdom to share with other women, especially mothers, who are also on their challenging journey to fitness.

Kris in a dazzling Cirque-themed number. Photo by James Oliver

One of the trendiest fitness activities to take the social scene by storm is Pole Dancing. It was a little controversial in the beginning as pole dancing has always been associated with strip clubs and many conservative women felt it was too risqué as an extracurricular activity. It was such a new concept: pole dancing as a sport, a way to become stronger, to get fit, and to enjoy yourself. Except, this wasn’t a pole found in a strip club, but instead, an art that has been raised to a level of athleticism that requires patience, discipline, and commitment.

Photo by Daemon Becker

In 2009, Kris signed up for classes under Christina Dy. Christina and Kris grew close and their bond and common love (read: obsession) for pole (as they call it) resulted in the birth of Pole Cats Manila where Kris, along with a few other fellow pole dancers and friends, became a founding member and a senior instructor. They took their troupe of Pole Cats to corporate events and concerts where people watched in amazement at their graceful flexibility and unquestionable strength (not to mention how beautiful they looked in their sexy outfits). Today their classes have expanded to include special workshops on hoop, silk, flexibility and dance.

Pole Cats Manila. Photo by Hub Pacheco
Photo by Daemon Becker

Growing up, Kris had always led an active lifestyle. She was a member of the school soccer varsity team, was training in Tae Kwon Do, went wall climbing, and always found herself engaged in some sort of physical activity. As a Jill of All Trades, Kris also has quite a few experiences under her belt which include being a radio DJ, academic tutor, and events host. She once ventured into the corporate world but quickly realised it wasn’t for her.

Kris (right) performing while 3 months pregnant.
Kris, 3 months postpartum. Photo by Daemon Becker

Today, Kris is a mother to an intelligent and strong-willed three year-old, or as she calls him, her threenager. Motherhood, she says, has forced her to become the best version of herself. It put the spotlight on aspects of her character that she knew were always there but she was too lazy or fearful to develop. Now as a mom to Elon, she wants and needs to become the person she hopes her child to grow up to be one day. Kris is a very hands-on mom and devoted wife as she gets by without a housekeeper or a nanny to help with child and domestic duties. She’s also a work-from-home freelancer, so time management is a very essential skill to have. This kind of frenetic pace and hectic lifestyle makes Kris more deliberate about the people she spends time with and the activities she participates in. With family as her main priority, the Flojo family see to it they attend events and social gatherings together to make the most of their time.

When asked what challenges force her to dig deep, Kris says it’s the mundane things in life. As a mom whose home is also her office, days can be quite isolating. She recalls going whole days without talking to another grown up and how this can really take a toll on someone. She has to mindfully be aware that this is but a season in her life and that
“rest and quiet are just as important to my soul as activity is.”
She also jokes that as a parent, a battle of wills with a toddler is bound to make you dig deeper for strength.
Kris, 2017.
As a pole fitness instructor, Kris explains how the sport of Pole Dancing requires a lot of strength and flexibility. She’s currently training to become the best teacher she can be. Another impressive and inspiring thing about Kris is her genuine desire to help her students learn to understand their body and appreciate their unique abilities.
Having bounced back after pregnancy and jumping full swing intomotherhood, Kris has a deeper appreciation for her body and what it can do. “Movement is so important to me. So long as my body can function and move so that I am efficient in my craft, as as being strong enough to still carry my child and bags of groceries at the same time, then I’m good,” says Kris.
“Abs and toned muscles are great, and of course I’d love to have that! But at the end of the day, I just want to be strong and healthy enough to live an active life with my family.”

Her advice to other women and mothers who have their own difficulties and struggles with getting back on track with their fitness? Kris has this to say:


“It’s tough ladies, I know. It’s easy to reach for that muffin when you’re hungry and too tired to cook. It feels better to sit down and scroll through Facebook rather than do stretches or exercise. But you just have to do something, everyday. And then do one more thing. And then one more thing. Take it one day at a time, one step at a time, and take as long as you need. Don’t rush through it – understand it, enjoy how your body reacts to the changes. It’s a long road ahead, and that’s okay. But just do something, everyday. You won’t regret it.”
As a woman who lives a life of determination and commitment in pursuing her passion, taking care of her family, and continuing to help others discover their abilities, strengths, and uniqueness, Kris Flojo is definitely a ToughGirl in our book.
If you’re interested in pole dancing or any of their special classes, you can check out their website or visit the Pole Cats Manila studio at 22F, Strata 100 Bldg, F. Ortigas Jr Road, Ortigas Ceter, Pasig, 1604 Metro Manila, Philippines. Call them up at +63 2 631 0818. 

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