Mind Over Matter: Thinking Your Way to A Healthier You this 2017.

If you’re one with the horde of people making New Year’s Resolutions to get fit and healthy this 2017, welcome! This is a safe space and no judgments are made here. If you are making a resolution to live healthier and make healthier choices this new year, I applaud you and I support that 100%. But how do you make sure you reach your goals? There was a study made that showed weight loss to be the number one resolution people make every New Year’s Day, and only 8% of them ever succeed. 75% of people who make them are able to sustain their resolution throughout the first week, and about six months in, only 46% of people are still sticking to their new goals. Don’t be part of that statistic.

The power of positive thinking is something many of us may have witnessed or experienced. The body is intelligent to respond to the way the brain thinks. Think about the way you feel when you force a smile. Maybe you’re having a bad day but fake a smile anyway. Moments later your body responds to signals your brain has sent and you may notice you start feeling better and lighter. It’s true that there is power in mind over matter. But how does this translate to health and fitness?

  1. Believe and Think that YOU CAN. When you tell yourself you can or cannot do something, either way, you’re right. Declaring your ability to succeed conditions you to give it your best, while declaring your inadequacy to succeed conditions you to be mediocre and anticipate failure. If you need to get up in the morning and declare it out loud to yourself, in the mirror, in the kitchen while making breakfast, or even in bed as you’re struggling to get up and get a quick run or workout in, do it. It all starts with the mind. If you believe it, you can achieve it.
  2. Change Your Mindset. Understand that striving to live a healthier lifestyle isn’t about being in with the trendsetters. It’s not about proving yourself to people either. It’s about making choices to live your life in a way that allows you to live longer, healthier. Just like you shouldn’t look at ‘diet’ as  death sentence but rather a smarter approach and strategy to eating food that provides the right fuel for your body so you perform better, feel better, and get sick less.
  3. Get Rid of Negative Thoughts. We are all familiar with the concept of being our own worst critics. This is so true and if we’re not careful, there are real consequences. When you stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself, are you mindful of the things you say and think about yourself? Do you pick out your flaws instead of noticing the good things about your body? Try doing it differently this time. Here’s a quick little assignment for you: go look at your reflection and list down at least 5 good things about your body and start there. Later on, work towards lengthening that list by way of healthy eating and regular exercise.
  4. Be good to yourself and embrace humility. Just as I encourage you to think positive thoughts, speak kind things to yourself too! Instead of saying things like, “I’m never going to lose weight” or “I’m just lazy! I just can’t seem to follow through no matter how hard I try,” how about thinking and saying “It’s been hard but overcoming this is part of my success story. I will start somewhere. I will start here and now.” Everyone has to start somewhere. Bodybuilders and fitness icons all had to start somewhere and it started with them believing they had nothing to lose if they just tried. Realise you need to make some changes, and realise you can’t do it alone. Consult your doctor and get the green light for exercise. Get a personal trainer to help you come up with a workout program that will strengthen you and get you fitter. Get friends to join you in your workout or make friends at the fitness centre you train at. Fitness is so much more sustainable when it’s fun and you’ve got a good support system to encourage you and push you further.

Own the new year with a stronger, fitter, and tougher you. You’ll feel better, perform better, and look better. Once you’ve reached your goal, you can also serve as inspiration to others who may find themselves in the same seemingly-hopeless situation you were once in. You’ve got this. This is YOUR year.







Do you have any questions? Would you like to share your fitness journey with us? Or perhaps you need some tips on exercises to help you get in shape? Send us an email at toughgirlonline@gmail.com


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