ToughGirl Spotlight: Quisha Baterna

This week’s spotlight is on Quisha Baterna, a petite but powerful little lady who is making waves in her own industry.I first met Quisha in 2015 when she and I hit the stage for our very first bikini competition. She owns a healthy food delivery service called FitFuel Manila which offers healthy and fresh calorie-counted/macro-nutrient meals. She also just recently launched a line of healthy and all-natural ice cream called Quisha’s Ice Cream and I personally cannot wait until I’m off-season so I can get myself a tub!
Quisha considers herself a gym rat, and this is pretty obvious from her social media posts where most her photos are taken in the gym instead of in party scenes like many young girls her age. She’s currently training in weightlifting and Crossfit as she prepares for two weightlifting competitions in the Fall and Winter this year.
Strong is definitely sexy!
While some people get into bodybuilding because of heartbreaks (ahem, that may or may not include me) or because of some urgent health issue, Quisha got into fitness because of her boyfriend. She claims that she used to live a fast-food life and started to feel guilty seeing how fit and healthy he was. He had rock-hard abs and was going to the gym daily. She wanted to impress him, so she started going to the gym as well. And in her own words, “After that, I almost never left.” After a year of gym trips, she felt the need for a bigger motivation in her life–something that would push her harder in terms of fitness, so she started competing. With the help and advice of trainers (she fondly calls them “old school bodybuilders”), she learned the ropes and picked up some tricks in the fitness game. With only 3 weeks to prepare, and it being her first time, she bagged top 5.
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While it’s easy to be intimidated by Quisha’s Instagram and Facebook photos, she humbly concedes that she’s not in the powerlifter level yet. Her training is more on the Olympic Weightlifting aspect (snatches, cleans, jerks), while Powerlifting entails deadlifts, squats, and benchpresses. She got into Crossfit in February this year and followed suit with her coach’s encouragement that she had great potential in the sport. It’s difficult, but what motivates her is knowing she’s getting stronger every day and beating her previous PRs (personal record).
When asked what her favourite thing is about bodybuilding and weightlifting, she said that “aside from feeling and looking great, you know that every time after your training, you are one percent stronger. You are one percent better, and nothing can take that away from you.” 
When it comes to diet, Quisha isn’t hard on herself at all. Since she’s not on-season for a fitness competition, she just makes sure she follows her macros and eats clean.
Every athlete has his or her frustrations to deal with, and for her, she’s had to deal with comments from people on her size and muscularity. Some will remark that her legs and arms are big or have gotten bigger, or that she’s “too muscular.” But she has learned to not take those comments personally. She loves how she looks, how strong and confident she feels. And most of all, she’s really happy with herself.
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Quisha Baterna is a ToughGirl because she doesn’t let society’s expectations pressure her into becoming someone she’s not. She’s able to physically and emotional stay strong and remain happy with herself. Her advice to anyone reading this who might be interested in powerlifting/bodybuilding: “DO IT! There is nothing more rewarding than being accountable for how you look and your strength.”
Kudos to you, Quisha! Thanks for being such a great example to young women everywhere. We wish you all the best in your upcoming competitions. We hope that you continue to blaze a trail on the path you are on.
You can find Quisha on Instagram as @quisha_fit and follow her fitness adventures and milestones.

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