ToughGirl Spotlight: Shannon Sellers

It’s ToughGirl’s personal mission to help motivate and inspire as many as possible to get fit, get healthy, and get strong. It’s our vision to help create a community of inclusiveness when it comes to health and fitness. The reason I’m very open and transparent about my life and struggles as a single parent who has responsibilities but also still makes every effort to prioritise taking care of myself is because I want to encourage others that it CAN be done. Wherever you are at your fitness and health, there’s no better place and time to begin striving to be fitter, healthier, stronger, and tougher.

That being said, let me introduce ToughGirl Spotlight. A new segment where we’ll feature a ToughGirl or ToughGuy who has committed to achieving a healthier version of themselves. Today’s very first ToughGirl Spotlight is on Shannon Sellers.

This Southern Belle from Myrtle Beach is a busy, full-time mom to one-year old Sienna who’s also building her business. Shannon confesses her biggest challenge is finding a positive outlet that lets her be active but doesn’t eat up too much of her time. Her fiancé’s work requires him to travel frequently, which means Shannon puts on her “solo parent” hat when he’s away. Any new mom will tell you that the first year is one of the most frazzling stages in motherhood, where mundane activities like taking a shower or going to the bathroom alone (without rushing after two minutes) is an achievement and oftentimes a rare event.

shannon pregnant
Shannon proudly carrying little Sienna in her tummy.

“Fitness has become my outlet,” says Shannon. “It’s something I’ve learned to do at home and it keeps me sane and makes me feel like Superwoman but it’s not easy to get it done. I have to plan my day, ask for help, or pray for a long nap.”

She says her motivation for staying active used to solely be for looking good and ready for bikini season. This time her motivation is to be as healthy and full of life and energy as possible. Even when bikini season has come and gone and made way for the winter days, she doesn’t let that get in her way. “This time I’ve done this for me. It isn’t about being fit for Summer anymore, it’s about being fit for life.”

shannon before pic
Shannon’s “before” pic. She wasn’t pregnant in this photo!


What has she learned at this point in her fitness journey? She says she learned the power of excuses and how to ignore them. “Everyone is busy and tired. You can spend a half hour making excuses as to why you can’t. Or you can dig deep and just do it.”

In order to maintain a healthy mind and body, Shannon says she counts her blessings and reminds herself what she has to be thankful for. An important thing she has learned is when life is hard and the day is long, she’s not afraid to admit she needs support. She says she focuses on nutrition and sees food as fuel which can either make you slow and sluggish or “a total badass.”



I asked Shannon what being Tough means to her. She has this to say, “Infragilis et tenera: unbreakable and tender. There are so many ways to be tough and that’s how I try to be. Being Tough is not giving up or backing down. It’s standing up for what you believe in and going after what you want.” She cites her fiancé and her baby girl as her number one motivation and joy.

shannon now pic
Shannon today.


Shannon Sellers is a certified ToughGirl because she believes anything is possible if you decide to do it and actually go for it. Raising a baby, building a business, taking care of her fiancé, all these things come out on top of her other commitments and responsibilities, but she doesn’t let excuses get in her way of accomplishing what she needs to. She took stock of her health and fitness and made small changes that led to big breakthroughs.


Do you know anyone who’s a ToughGirl or ToughGuy? Or maybe you want to share your story and help inspire others? Email us your story and pics via 



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